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Article Date: 28th November 2018

Mitsubishi Electric - A Whole New World of Possibilities with the New e Series Modular Chillers

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Mitsubishi e series modular chiller

When it comes to cooling and heating technology, the key challenges for commercial buildings are energy efficiency and carbon reduction. Your customers expect technology that saves them energy and money, and helps the environment at the same time. The e series chiller range from Mitsubishi Electric offers a highly energy efficient solution.

Available in 90kW plus new 150kW and 180kW modules, the e series allows for up to six individual modules to be connected together to provide system capacity up to 1,080kW. Offering cooling only and heat pump options, with a built-in internal header pipe and a smaller footprint than traditional chillers, choosing a modular chiller system reduces plant space requirements and makes installation easier.

New 150kW and 180kW modules

Available from February 2019, the new 150kW and 180kW modules extend the application of the e series up to capacities of 1,080kW.

Incorporating highly efficient scroll compressor technology from our City Multi VRF units, along with advanced heat exchangers, inverters and controls, the e series delivers an exceptional energy saving performance.

  • Four inverter driven scroll compressors per module help to provide an optimised energy efficient performance
  • Reduced plant space requirement compared to traditional chillers, with increased flexibility on design and installation
  • Optimised Frequency Control. The compressor frequencies of each module are controlled to maximise energy savings and increase overall system efficiency
  • Unique Y-shaped structure ensures effective intake airflow and greater heat exchanger surface area, increasing efficiency

ABB Power Grids HVDC LightDesigned for optimum performance

Each individual component within the e series modules has been evaluated and refined to deliver optimal performance, increased reliability and overall system efficiency. With industry-leading low noise levels, a wide operating range and exceptional partial load efficiencies, plus a choice of cooling only and heat pump options, the e series combines advanced technology with the benefit of next day delivery for many of the modules.

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