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Article Date: 19th January 2018

SPC Radiant Panels are in the ‘Zone’

Radiant Panels - Zone Control Kit - Belimo Rotary Actuator

SPC radiant panel zone control kit

British manufacturers, SPC, are now offering a zone control kit as an option on radiant panel orders.

Teaming up with industry leader Belimo, SPC have put together a high quality zone control kit that comprises a Belimo rotary actuator, Belimo zone valve plus a dual sensing digital thermostat and black bulb temperature sensor. The kit is supplied pre-packaged for ease of identification on site.

Richard Glanville , Technical Sales Engineer for SPC said

"By offering a radiant panel zone control kit we are enabling the customer to get the most out of their panel design by achieving an overall reduction in energy consumption. Couple this with the already energy efficient nature of radiant heating/cooling and it only adds further value to its title of most effective option on the market.

The kit is easy to set up, cost effective and can be used for panels on both heating and cooling applications. All items are packaged together and each kit comprises a technical data sheet including set up instructions, wiring diagram and schematic.

For more information on SPC's products including heating/cooling coils, fan convectors, trench heaters, radiant heating/cooling, heat pipes and air curtains please use the email option below:

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