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Article Date: 19th January 2018

Artemide - Louvre Abu Dhabi Designed by Jean Nouvel

Abu Dhabi Louvre - Cata Spotlight - Carlotta de Bevilacqua

Artemide - Abu Dhabi Louvre

The light of Artemide enhances the works on display at the new Abu Dhabi Louvre.

Here the reflection on the relationship between light and architecture which Jean Nouvel and Artemide have been conducting for some time has found a fruitful field of experimentation, leading to the development of a new version of the Cata spotlight designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua.

"Illuminating the Abu Dhabi Louvre required a projector capable to adjust the light-to-shadow ratio, as well as to integrate into the large roofing and produce a well-defined flow of light on the works on display. The performance requested of Jean Nouvel for the museum was very specific and should satisfy several requirements to both integrate with the project for the large perforated roofing and enhance the museum display. We promptly realized that Cata was the ideal product for this project," says architect Carlotta de Bevilacqua, "because, as an open platform, it could provide a comprehensive solution to all needs. Its ability to support different optical units allows to obtain the necessary lighting performances."

Cata TIR conveys patented optoelectronic innovation, ensuring top-quality lighting and accurate control of emission, focus, operation, and top-level colour rendering. The Cata projector can adjust to the continuous changes in the natural light that penetrates through the huge dome, providing flexible, controlled, and punctual illumination of works of broadly different dimensions, materials, ages, and styles.
Each individual appliance is set to a specific illumination level, which is kept constant in time as natural light conditions change, in full respect of the works on display and of the lightscape created inside the museum.

Artemide - Abu Dhabi LouvreThis rich performance is transposed into an appliance based on the principles of transparency and lightness. Its presence in space is thus dematerialized, granting the leading role to light.

Artemide was selected to illuminate the exhibiting areas of the big Abu Dhabi Louvre museum, as well as the public shopping areas with the catadioptric version of the Cata projector.

Service areas are fitted with appliances from the design collection, including Dioscuri, and office illumination is provided by the iconic and functional Tolomeo.

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