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Featured Video - Crabtree - 23rd February 2018

Crabtree Launch Starbreaker Miniature RCBOs - with Switched Neutral as Standard - Safer

Crabtree Miniature RCBOs

Wouldn't it be nice if RCBOs were the same size as MCBs? One module wide and only 90mm high. Imagine all that extra wiring space to make your installation easier.

Wouldn't it be safer if RCBOs switched live and neutral off under fault conditions? and totally isolated the circuit? Isn't that a safer way to wait for the emergency electrician? with the circuit totally isolated! Wouldn’t that be better for your customers?

It would be better still if you could carry out insulation resistance testing without disconnecting and reconnecting the circuit cables? Think how much time and money could be saved, especially for social landlords who carry out inspections & tests during voids between occupancies.

Crabtree Miniature RCBOs provide all these benefits and more. By switching off live & neutral they provide total isolation for maintenance purposes, which caters nicely for Health & Safety at work requirements too.


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