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Socomec - Transfer Switching Equipment... Featured Video
Full range of Manual, Remotely Operated and Automatic Transfer Switches from 16 to 6300 Amps. Providing an unrivalled benchmark in source switching, Socomec is continuously innovating to ensure ever more efficient ways to guarantee the continuity of distribution and, therefore, the rate of availability of your energy. From compact manual transfer switches to the enclosed ATS Bypass, the range of switches covers, as standard, the majority...Click to Watch
ABB Power Grids - Causes & Solutions for Low Power Factor Featured Video
Industrial processes rely on powerful motors that are controlled by variable speed drives - but these often have a low power factor that leads to loss of efficiency in production. This video explains the concept of power factor and how a low power factor will reduce the capacity of the electrical system and lead to equipment malfunction and higher utility bills. It then explains how power factor correction equipment includes passive...Click to Watch
Purus - Purusline Living Plus Linear Channel Drains for Vinyl Flooring
Purus, the Swedish manufacture of floor gullies and linear wetroom drainage systems, are excited to announce the launch of their brand new linear drainage channels for vinyl floors, the Purusline Living Plus. The range is the ideal linear floor gully solution for domestic and commercial projects which use vinyl flooring. Purus’ Purusline Living, the popular wetroom solution for tiled floors, has been optimised in the new range for installation into...Read More
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Carlo Gavazzi - Earth Leakage Monitoring Relays DEA71 & DEB71
Carlo Gavazzi has launched the DEA71 and DEB71 range of earth leakage monitoring relays, used to detect earth leakage current which can be potentially dangerous when un-detected in electrical networks. These devices ensure the protection of installations against fire and persons against electrocution, by interrupting the mains on a faulty load when used with a CTG core balance transformer. The setpoint on the DEA71 is factory set...Read More
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Xylem - New Smart Godwin Dewatering Pump...
Xylem, a leading global water technology provider, has unveiled a first-in-series smart dewatering pump - the Godwin NC150S - as part of its new Godwin S Series. Offering new levels of control, remote flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability, this innovative solution is set to revolutionise operations in even the toughest dewatering applications. Thanks to the smart design, all diesel engines and electric motors available on Godwin S...Read More
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Crabtree - How Arc Fault Detection Devices can Benefit your Next Installation
Arc Fault Detection Devices are a new addition to the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations. Here we discuss why arcing shouldn’t become an after thought. The Wiring Regulations define danger as: “Risk of injury to persons from: fire, electric shock, burns, arcing and explosion arising from the use of electrical energy.” Not that this should surprise us, electricity is a dangerous commodity. In England in 2016/17, there were 13,347 fires from...Read More
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Grundfos CR Pumps up the Pressure
Grundfos Pumps Ltd. are delighted to introduce you to a new range of high-flow CR multistage centrifugal pumps that are replacing the existing CR/N 90, 120 and 150. Like all our CR pumps, these models have been designed to support our customers under the three important cornerstones that the Grundfos brand is so closely associated with: reliability, efficiency and providing a pump solution that is capable of operating...Read More
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Schneider Electric gives Customers the Power of Insight with PowerTag NSX
Schneider Electric, the leader in energy management and automation, has launched the PowerTag NSX, its latest connectable accessory for the company’s successful range of Compact NSX circuit breakers. PowerTag is the only circuit breakers for moulded case circuit-breakers available on the market today. It delivers enhanced monitoring of a facility’s electrical assets, giving facility managers complete insight into device...Read More
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