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Article Date: 20th September 2017

Mitsubishi Electric - CPD Accredited Heating Presentations

CPD Seminars - Heat Pumps - Commercial Heating - Community Heating

Mitsubishi - CPD Presentation

As experts in the industry, Mitsubishi Electric’s accreditation for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) brings you a wealth of technical and business related knowledge as well as CPD accreditation which will derive commercial value for your business.

Heat Pumps: The Future of Heating
A presentation showing the drivers that are increasingly making Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) a logical alternative choice to fossil fuel based systems. The presentation covers the reasons why the UK needs to find alternative ways to heat buildings and also how heat pumps can help achieve the ambitious carbon dioxide
reduction targets the UK has signed up to by 2020.

Commercial Heating
In the commercial sector, 55% of energy used in buildings is for heating according to the Department for Energy & Climate Change (DECC). Many legislative drivers are forcing building operators and owners to find new ways to reduce their energy consumption, so finding energy efficient heating technologies is an important issue. There are also strong arguments for reducing our use of primary fuels by switching to more energy efficient and renewable sources of heat for commercial buildings. Finding energy efficient and renewable solutions for heating commercial buildings can be a challenge - heat pumps offer a new approach to heating commercial buildings, based on well established and reliable technology which offers the added benefit of being officially recognised as ‘renewable’.

Community Heating using Heat Pumps
This presentation follows on from the Commercial Heating CPD and explains exactly how larger capacity heat pumps can be applied to multi dwelling buildings, where the basic concepts of the system are covered in logical steps: heat source, mechanical distribution, heat interface units and water distribution. A financial example of the potential savings of replacing a direct electric system is worked through and shows not only how fuel poverty can be alleviated, but also how the landlord can gain funding through smart accounting. The presentation finishes with two case studies.

Guide to Air Source Heat Pumps
The presentation starts by explaining what a heat pump is and how it operates. It then goes on to cover the types of air source heat pumps & systems, the benefits of a packaged system and highlights what the EST trials have said about heat pump performance. Also covered is Home Integration & Application - i.e. how heat pumps are applied to houses in best practice, heat pump performance characteristics and further key areas that a specifier needs to be aware of. The presentation finishes with case studies.

New and Existing Homes - A Sustainable Approach
The presentation covers the Government’s key drivers to reduce CO2 emissions and how the housing stock (both old and new) is being looked at to help achieve these reductions. Air source heat pump application and benefits of the technology are covered in detail and are cited as one of the key measures to help the UK Government hit its 2020 targets. Also covered in detail are Part L for new and retrofit, the Energy Bill, the Green Deal, as well as Permitted Development of ASHPs.

The Use of Heat Pumps in Off Gas Areas
An overview of the problems that off gas areas have in sourcing affordable heating and the implications of using fossil based systems in these areas. Also covered are the alternatives available, with a particular focus on renewable heating technologies, in particular air source heat pumps. The presentation finishes by looking at actual Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) case studies that have switched from various fuels (such as direct electric or oil) and compares running costs. Presentations are available for England and Scotland.

Air Source Heat Pumps and the Code
for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) & SAP A presentation showing the effects of applying an ASHP to current building regulations and also covering how to achieve levels 3 and 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. The presentation shows where there are both financial advantages and disadvantages when compared against gas, oil and LPG, while other physical advantages and disadvantages are also discussed. The aim is to give the audience an unbiased view when applying this renewable technology. Accurate costing examples are provided on the effect of applying an air source heat pump to various new build homes and the impact that this has to the bottom line. Examples comparing an ASHP versus oil, gas and LPG, and the effect on achieving the CfSH are also explained in detail. This CPD presentation is accompanied by a report commissioned by Mitsubishi Electric from an independent SAP/CfSH consultant.

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