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Vertiv - Liebert® GXT4™ Featured Video
Liebert® GXT4™ is a true on-line UPS that delivers continuous, high-quality AC power to IT equipment with no break when transferring to the battery. It protects equipment from virtually all types of power disturbances such as blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges or noise interference. It has an on-line design which means zero transfer time, therefore, when utility power fails, your critical load remains supported by a seamless flow...Click to Watch
Bells Power Supply FG Wilson Genuine Parts Featured Video
Bells Power supply FG Wilson Genuine Parts which have been developed to fit and complement the other component parts of your generator set. FG Wilson Genuine Parts...the benefits: • Maximise the productive life of your generator set • Promote longevity in the life of other component parts • Promote efficiency in operation and in fuel consumption • Assure the highest standards of safety and functionality Using FG Wilson...Click to Watch
Monodraught - How to Use Natural Ventilation to Deliver Good IAQ - CIBSE CPD
Module 107: Predicting and delivering good building IAQ using natural ventilation. This CPD module, published in January 2017, explores how natural ventilation can be used to maintain indoor air quality, and its application for school buildings. Building performance is a necessary function for planning and sustainability, however whilst Facility Managers may be well versed in how to control the environment in the building, building users...Read More
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Aermec Air Conditioning UK Certified by CIBSE as a HVAC CPD Course Provider...
Paul Lawrence, Sales and Service Director, commented: "We’re very proud that Aermec UK have been recognised by CIBSE as a CPD provider. This further enables us to showcase all the great knowledge and expertise we have as a business in the HVAC sector for our Chillers and CRAC DX systems; as well as supporting consultants and our clients to increase their confidence and knowledge base." Our Compressor technology...Read More
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Mitsubishi Electric - CPD Guide to Working with the F-Gas Regulations
Mitsubishi Electric has released a free, CPD-Accredited Guide to working with the F-Gas Regulations to help anyone involved in air conditioning understand how this will affect them and their equipment. "There is a lot being said about refrigerants and F-Gas at the moment, so we wanted to produce a useful guide for anyone involved in the air conditioning industry," explains Graham Temple, marketing manager for the company’s range...Read More
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Zehnder - CPD - Continuing Professional Development
Our business specialises in indoor climate solutions and delivering comfort to occupants of a wide range of buildings. We offer a range of CPD’s covering key technologies used to heat, cool and ventilate buildings including Radiant Heating and Cooling and Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery. All you have to do is: Choose the most suitable CPD - we can book in as many as you require. Agree a suitable day - we need 1 hour...Read More
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Belimo Automation - CIBSE Accredited CPD Presentations
Belimo Automation is the global market leader in the development, production and marketing of actuator solutions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Actuators and control valves make up the company’s core business. Belimo are proud to present three CIBSE accredited CPD’s entitled; Evolution of Pressure Independent Control Valves This CPD details the timeline of the PICV (Pressure Independent Control Valves)...Read More
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Kingspan Industrial Insulation - Earn CIBSE CPD Points Quickly & Easily
CPD! Not always first on your agenda for the new year but important none the less! We can offer several CIBSE approved CPD seminars lasting just 45 minutes; easy to fit in over a lunch period and we will even pay for sandwiches! Rethinking Ductwork - A CIBSE approved seminar which compares the different types of ductwork insulation available and looks in detail at pre-insulated ductwork and the solutions it can provide...Read More
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Taylor Maxwell - Research, Learn, Grow with our CPD Seminars
Taylor Maxwell have 20 available CPD seminars. View 1-4: 1. Brick Cladding - RIBA Approved - This presentation offers an introduction to brick cladding. It aims to cover the following points: • To provide an understanding of an architectural brick cladding system and how it was developed and tested • Principles of installation • Benefits of brick cladding • Technical Credentials • Aesthetic options and case studies • To provide an understanding...Read More
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CPD Accredited Technical Seminars
We are pleased to announce a full range of latest Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Seminars, Training Courses and Lunch 'n' Learn seminars by prominent companies within the construction industry. These are available via the request facility on the CPD Seminars library on BuildingDesign. Have you planned your next 6 months CPD seminars to keep in line with all professional industries? Have lunch...Read More
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