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Article Date: 7th March 2016

Advanced Diesel Engineering - Projects during February 2016

Back Up Power - Diesel Generator - Diesel Generator Enclosure

ADE Generator - Diesel Generator

Sweet Power

Even the manufacturers of well-known children’s sweets need to have back up power – This 550kVA Cummins diesel generator will provide backup power to the mixing machines at a new UK manufacturing plant preventing the solution hardening inside the moulds should the mains fail. 

ADE - Multi Coloured Sets

Vodafone Power

The remaining three sets are dispatched to the data centre site where they will join the existing six multi coloured sets already installed and commissioned. 

ADE - Silent Cat Unit

Furness Power

This 100kVA silent Cat unit is on its way to be installed at a glass factory near Lancashire where it will provide back up power to the Furness. 

ADE - Diesel Generator

Specialist Design

This 22kVA Perkins diesel generator enclosure was designed & built by advanced to a very high specification. The canopy is manufactured from high grade 316 3mm stainless steel. The unit will be operating in an extremely harsh environment and provide prime power for a remote telecoms tower. 

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