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Article Date: 12th April 2016

Advanced Diesel Engineering - Recent Projects

Diesel Generators - Plant Room Acoustics - Back Up Power

ADE Generator - Diesel Generator

Air traffic control

A pair of Perkins open diesel generators were modified at Advanced to incorporate deep sea controllers, other plant room acoustics were built and dispatched, and are to be installed at a southern UK airport, to act as N+1 radar back up power.

ADE - Generator Sets

Royal Mail

This purpose built 350kVA Perkins diesel generator and associated plant room acoustics was installed over a weekend at a mail sorting office near Norwich.

ADE - Silent Cat Unit

Plastic mouldings…

This Cummins 150Kva silent generator with an ADVANCED built extended base fuel tank will provide back up power to a plastic water tank factory near Hull. The extended fuel tank will give the generator a run time of over 30 hours at full load.

ADE - Diesel Generator

Disaster recovery

This 22kVA Cummins enclosed diesel generator will be providing back up power to a small southern Village Hall to provide power for the locals and somewhere to gather should they face a natural disaster like the recent flooding.

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